. Frequently Asked Questions
Here's some questions and answers about powder coating.
Why should I powder coat?
Powder coating provides a superior finish in a wide range of color and textures that are not available with paints or plating. The chemical nature of the applied powder gives performance properties such as excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, UV rays and extreme weather conditions.
How does powder coating work?
The very fine powder is applied to the piece through electrostatic attraction. This allows the powder to reach areas that paint can not. When coated with powder the item is placed into an oven where the heat melts the powder causing it to flow and fuse to the metal surface. This fusion to the surface produces an extremely strong surface bone giving superior durability.
What can be coated?
Metal parts made of aluminum, steel, brass,iron, bronze and titanium may be powder coated.
Does the surface require preparation?
Yes. For a long lasting coating and a strong bond the surface must be absolutely clean and dry. Each piece must be media blasted down to the bare surface and then chemically cleaned and dried prior to coating.
How do I need to bring the pieces to you?
The parts that you bring us must be totally disassembled and de greased.
Can polished parts be coated in clear?
Powder coat is available in semi gloss and high gloss finish eliminating the need to polish your parts.
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